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Adv. Mater. 2307917 (2023) 

Advanced Additive Manufacturing of Structurally-Colored Architectures

3D-printed KAIST carillon whose colors never fade away
Structural-color spider

First three-dimensional spider with a structural color created by direct writing.

Direct writing of the tallest column without the need for curing

Novel formulations have been devised for yield-stress fluid composed of colloidal network, enabling the direct writing of column printing with the aspect ratio of 45, followed by structural coloration.

Chem. Mater. 35, 261-270 (2023) 

Void-Free Photonic Surfaces created by Adaptive Dense Packing of Emulsion Droplets

Iridescent beetle

Dense packing of photonic emulsions can coat a random 3D-printed structures to form photonic crystals as structural color skins. Photonic crystal coating on a 3D object is rare!

Dense packing of photonic emulsions

Photonic emulsions formed in fluorocarbon oil become compacted during the oil evaporation, which crystallizes the colloids along with the newly formed planar surface.

Small 18, 2201437 (2022) 

Dual-Colored Janus Microspheres with Photonic and Plasmonic Faces

Twisting ball display with photonic and plasmonic faces

Metal is deposited on one side of microspheres with periodic pores both on the surface and inside, where electric field flips them with the help of anisotropic position of the metal layer.

Sci. Adv. 7, eabj8780 (2021) 

Direct writing of customized structural-color graphics with colloidal photonic inks

Color changing Chameleon 

The patterns can not only be formed on any substrates such as metal, paper, and fabric, but also be transferred onto elastomer (mechanochromic patterns) or three-dimensional structures (3D structures with photonic skins).

Mickey mouses with angle-dependent and angle-independent structural colors

The photonic inks can yield both photonic-crystal and -glass patterns by changing the viscosity of the acrylate polymer.

Structural color rose that never fades away over thousands of years

The colloidal arrays in a face pattern are so crystalline that the reflectivity at resonant wavelengths reaches almost 90%.

Color changing Marylin Monroe by transmissive and reflective projection

The direct writing can also print face patterns capable of inducing colored projections in both transmitted and reflected light.

Iridescent Eiffel towers by
direct writing

New formulations have been developed for colloidal photonic inks, and they are printed to form beautiful structural color line patterns by direct writing.

Adv. Mater. 32, 2001384 (2020) 

Plasmonic Janus Microspheres Created from Pickering Emulsion Drops

First microspheres with all rainbow plasmonic colors

Periodic dimples are formed on microspheres to generate plasmonic colors after a directional metal deposition.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 45237-45245 (2019) 

Interfacial Assembly of Amphiphilic Tiles for Reconfigurable Photonic Surfaces

Reconfigurable photonic surface

Amphiphilic photonic tiles are anchored and assembled at the air-water interface to form a reflective surface that conforms to the shape change of the interface.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 14485-14509 (2019) 

Designing Structural-Color Patterns Composed of Colloidal Arrays

Patterning methods summarized based on six photonic structures

In a review paper on structural color patterns composed of colloidal arrays, the patterning methods are systematically organized according to six colloidal structures.


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