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My name is Jong Bin Kim

who cares the small world to catalyze changes in the larger world

The small world can be either us or nanomaterials, and guess what the larger world can be!

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My Story

Three huge values that I always react to instantaneously are PEOPLE, NATURE, and CHANGE...

  I am a person who puts a huge value on enjoying something. Looking back, there are three keywords that I have found in what I enjoy: “people”, “nature” and “change.” First, “people” has always been my inspiration and destination, which means that I strive for my goal with the help of people and to help others at the same time. In person-to-person interaction, I have a firm belief that there is always something to learn from whomever I meet. Two kinds of interaction I especially care for and want to emphasize here are that between foreign friends and other researchers. I enjoy studying foreign languages—two foreign languages for me—and interacting with international students. I found that my effort to know their language pleases them, which is good for me, too. I also get to learn about other cultures and think big. In line with this, when it comes to research, I am always inspired by every researcher’s unique research history. The inspiration is so amazing that I also want to inspire them and further do for the goodness of human beings.
  However, I sometimes struggled because my research seems not to directly give people advantages, but rather stays on scientific knowledge or does not directly benefit the essential parts of human beings such as health or the environment. The second keyword “nature” once shook up my stereotype. Once I heard a speech from one entrepreneur, he indirectly led me to realize that what I study is valuable in that I try to exploit a lesson from nature. I became aware that my effort to create something biomimetic is a huge step forward as a human being, and it is meaningful regardless of whether it is directly applied to people or not. I became to love my research more than ever before after the word “nature” became a huge part of my life.
  The last keyword is “change”, and I have set this verb—not noun—as my vision for the past few years. “Change” makes my heart beat and I am determined to take action for chaging something; it can be a person, group, ambiance, or even research field. I try not to have a vision in a form of a noun such as a job, money, or fame because one can quit making effort once the vision is achieved as a noun. I do not hesitate to use my time to ‘change’ others from being depressed to being inspired, or from being ignorant of to being aware of science. Also, I believe that what I study is firstly inspired by nature, and in the future will ‘change’ nature and the human environment in a better way for sure. My vision will not be stopped as it is not a noun, but a verb to change the arbitrary thing having room for improvement. In the future, my research goal is to combine the three keywords more organically.

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University of Pennsylvania

LRSM #216

3231 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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